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Club Kit

A few years ago we arranged for a bulk order of ‘club hats’ bearing an embroidered club logo.Several people have subsequently asked if we could have some more produced and we are now able to progress this. 
However, we would need to place a total order, rather than several individual orders.
The cost will be £12.50 each, with £1.82 of that cost going into club funds. 
As there is a small lead time for production, so that we can get our caps soonest, we will require everybody who would like to order a cap to confirm this by Saturday 8th July latest. 
To reserve your cap will you please:
1/ Pay £12.50 into the ‘Chippenham Town Bowls Club’ BACS account 
Sort code 30-91-99
A/C # 00080548
Reference: CAP
Write a cheque for £12.50 to ‘Chippenham Town Bowls Club’, write ‘CAP’ on reverse, and post it into the safe in the clubhouse.
2/ Text Roger Jackson 07713 193960 to confirm you’ve paid and your order will be added to the list.

Black Trousers/Shorts

The club kit will move from grey below the waist to black in April 2023.

Aceit ( are an organisation who stock a full range of men’s and ladies black clothing.

Brand New Aceit Black Tailored Shorts – Waist 38 – not worn. Cost £34 will sell for £30. Please contact Jeremy on 07801326631.


Aceit Men’s Bowls Sport Trouser – Aceit Sportswear

Aceit Men’s/Unisex Sport Shorts – Aceit Sportswear

Aceit Men’s/Unisex Tailored Short – Aceit Sportswear


Aceit Ladies Tailored Shorts – Aceit Sportswear

NEW Aceit Ladies Sport Bowls Trouser 29 – Aceit Sportswear

Aceit Men’s/Unisex Tailored Short – Aceit Sportswear

Aceit Ladies Lightweight Bowls Trousers – Aceit Sportswear

Aceit Ladies 3/4 Bowls Trousers – Aceit Sportswear

Check the size guide for your chosen item on the website, as for some, the sizing differs to standard UK sizes. See example below:

Henselite (Only ‘Men’ options available in Black, no Ladies)

Second-hand equipment and clothing is also available.

Set of Taylor Blaze: Blue Size 4 only 4 years old, £300 when new – £80

Set of Henselite Super Grip: Black Size 5 – reasonable offer

Set of Henselite Super Grip: Black Size 6 – reasonable offer

Set of Taylors: Size 5 retested 4 years ago, WD logo, swinging bowl – reasonable offer

2 Bowls bags – reasonable offer

Contact: Walter Donald at the club

Contact: Bob Searle at the club

Bowls jumper (M) – £10
Bowls trousers 2 pairs. Emsmorn elastic waist 36/38 x 29 leg. Slazenger 36 waist x 29 leg – £25
Bowls jacket (L) fleece lined – £15

Contact: Christine Masterson 01249 651792. [email protected]