(Otherwise known as “What team is best for me to play in and try to get selected for?”)


General Note

Selecting the best team for each league is one of the hardest jobs to fill at any club. There are many different and sometimes conflicting aspects affecting selection, making the task even more tricky.

Each league and team within the club has its own vagaries and requirements. Giving willing members competitive games is important to all and every effort is made to accommodate as many players as possible each week.

Success is also very important to the club over the long term. A successful sports club is more likely to attract new players and players looking for a new club. Bowls is a Sport which means there are winners and losers. As a club, we’d love to win every game we take part in. We recognise however that we have an excellent social side to our club. Winning isn’t always everything to every Member and we need (and do), recognise this.

We need to cater for all types of bowlers and with the large variety of teams we have, we feel we can provide the right environment, the right number of games and the right atmosphere for all members in our club.

If at any time, any Member has a question or query about their involvement in a team they should first direct these to the relevant selectors.

Below is a short guide to each team, what it does, why it exists and an insight into the club’s approach.

Men’s (Bowls Wiltshire) 4 Rink League

This league is the top Men’s league in our area. Consequently, the club will select the team they think is best suited to win each match. The team is made up of just 16 players, four rinks of 4 players. Being a fours game, a player’s ability to play with only two woods each end makes it one of the hardest and some would argue, purest forms of the game. It’s unique need for a good team spirit and for each member to contribute with good bowls also makes it a tough place if you aren’t on top of your game.

The selectors will consider the best available players for each playing position within each rink. A number of important factors come into play when making their decision as to who to select and a few are listed below:-

  • Ability
  • Potential
  • Playing position
  • Each player’s form
  • Player’s ability under pressure
  • The make-up of each rink (team spirit and ethic)
  • Consistency
  • Each rink’s results
  • Each overall match result
  • League position
  • Availability
  • Attitude
  • Overall team spirit

The team is selected to win matches and hopefully win the league. Competition for places is keen and hotly contested and a place in the team is not guaranteed for anyone. Performance is key, results are very important and given our rich history in this league, reputation is vital.

Selectors 2019: Jeremy Haselton, Rich Ellis, Andy Coles.


Men’s (Bowls Wiltshire) 3 Rink League

This league is also very competitive and consists of 3 Rinks of 4 players each (12 in total).

The club believes this team should not have a dedicated ‘squad’ and is selected to win but with an emphasis on development. Therefore, the team will consist of some regular 4 Rink players who may be asked to play in a different position and some of the most competent Triples League bowlers. This gives the chance for regular triples bowlers to get used to the 2-wood game and gives selectors an opportunity to see how players react to different positions/environments. Some players will also get the chance to play in more than one game per week.

A lot of the above 4 Rink selection criteria applies to this league as the standard of competition is high, however the development side of this team is also very important to the club in the long term.

Team Manager: Jeremy Haselton, Assisted by: Rich Ellis and Andy Coles


Men’s Mid Wilts Triples ‘A’ Team

This team comprises of the most competent, eligible triples players in the club. It consists of 4 Rinks of 3 players each (12 players a match). The league is competitive and we aim to win it each year. We have a good history of performance and continuing this is important to the club.

The club takes the view that no player will be selected for the team if they’ve been selected for the 4 Rink team that week if another eligible member is available.

The team will consist of players that are developing towards 4 Rink standard and players aiming to regain their form that have been demoted from 4 Rink. Any demoted 4 Rink player will automatically be selected in this team. Any vacancies due to players being unavailable or promoted to 4 Rink will be filled by players from the Triples ‘B’ team. 

Very occasionally, due to last minute unavailability, a 4 Rink player may be asked to fill a vacant slot.

Again, selection is made based upon similar criteria to the 4 Rink League where rink and team spirit is important as well as form, the capability to handle pressure situations and overall ability.

Selectors 2019: Bob Searle, Roger Pope, Martin Bayliss.


Men’s Mid Wilts Triples ‘B’ Team

Selectors are able to choose from the remaining playing members of the club who wish to play competitive bowls and who are not selected for 4 Rink or Triples ‘A’ teams. The team is often a combination of newer bowlers, those developing towards Triples ‘A’ standard and those demoted from the triples ‘A’ team.

The number of men bowlers willing to play in this team is quite high and sometimes an element of rotation is required in order to provide all members with regular games in the main three leagues.

This league remains an important team for the club as it provides competitive bowls and vital experience for new members, a valuable chance for prospective ‘A’ team players to practice and hone their skills and act as a feeder team for the ‘A’ team and ultimately the 4 Rink squad. It also occasionally provides ‘A’ team players a chance to learn and develop their ‘back end’ play for the future.

Selectors 2019: Bob Searle, Roger Pope, Martin Bayliss



Men’s (Friday) Tea & Biscuits League

This team is a slightly more relaxed and social league available for all members over the age of 55. It consists of 21 ends a game with a chance for a cuppa (and biscuit) and a chat halfway through the game. It is played each Friday afternoon during the season meaning availability is important.

It provides members with a competitive game in a convivial atmosphere and allows players to continue to develop their bowling skills.

Selector: Stan Taylor


Men’s White Horse (Tuesday Afternoon) Tea & Biscuits League

These teams operate in a slightly different way in that each team (currently 4 teams) has a previously registered squad, entered at the beginning of the season. Each team has a Captain who then selects from his squad each week depending on his own criteria and player availability. The Club is not involved in selection but merely registers with the league to allow teams (from its membership) to enter.

The current four team Captains are: John Lucas, Jim Fitzpatrick, Bob Raggett & Roy Jennings

Any member wishing to join a team should in the first instance approach one of the team Captains to see if they have any vacancies (each team is allowed a maximum of eight players). If all positions are filled, then please let the Committee Secretary (Martin Clark) know and it may be possible to register an extra team for the following season.


Friendly Matches (Ladies, Mens & Mixed)

These matches are selected from all Members across the whole club. They provide players who have not been selected for a team to play in a competitive game and act as a means of developing players in different positions.

They ensure that all playing members are given the opportunity to represent the club and they form the bedrock of our sport. They are competitive, social occasions that are almost always played in good spirit.

Selectors: Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain Chris Lucas assisted by Mens & Ladies Vice Captains.


Ladies Selection Criteria to follow…


Club Bye Law 2

All of the above is bound by Club Bye-Law 2 (selection Policy). For a full understanding of this please open this Document which can also be found in our “Documents” section of the “Members area”.