Member Contacts May 2024

Member contacts @ 310524

2024 Membership Form

The opportunity to renew your membership is now here and all you need to do is complete the form available on the link below. 

2024 Membership Form

The competition entry form is also available.


Please click below to get Member telephone and email details. The link opens in an excel spreadsheet.

Member contacts @ 210623

The competition form can also be found in the My Player>Competitions area of the website.

Bowls Wiltshire Members System

Here’s a quick guide to signing up:

Bowls Wiltshire Members System – Invitation to become a User.

Dear Member

Hopefully you will have heard that Bowls Wiltshire has introduced a Members Online System whereby members are able to input their information directly if they so wish. There is already a minimum level of information in the system for every member of Bowls Wiltshire, this is as detailed in our Privacy Policy, which can be viewed on the Bowls Wiltshire website, where there is also a link to the members system – righthand tab.

Personal Information: In addition to the basic information already provided, individuals can add further personal information if they wish to.

Competitions: Your Bowls England National Championship and Bowls Wiltshire County Competition entries are added to the system by your club. Once the draws have been made you will be able to view them in the BW Online System, add/amend team members, enter your own results, see who your opponent/s is/are and view their contact details. There will still be a Competition Controller for each area.

Matches: You will be able to apply online for matches for which you are eligible. Once selected you will receive an email confirming your selection, be able to confirm your availability, add any visitors who require meals, see who else is playing and obtain details of how to pay for your matches. This worked very well in 2023 for the Men’s County Friendly matches. There will still be Match Officers.

If you would like to become a User of the Bowls Wiltshire Members System please apply by email to: [email protected] and you will be provided with a link to the Members System in order to create your own account. A User guide is available on the Bowls Wiltshire website, Support/Documents and Downloads