This page shows how to find or update information on the website.

Add omissions

From the landing page ‘My Profile’ scroll down and follow the instructions from ‘Omissions’ below.

From the ‘My Player’ menu > My Profile > Omissions > From date – click on the date and use the calendar to select > To date – click on the date and use the calendar to select > Add

View the calendar of matches and events

Club Calendar menu > Results will appear as a list for the month. Scroll down to view. Click on ‘Toggle Grid’ to see it appear in summary format. Use the red arrow buttons to navigate to following months. Clicking on any item in the calendar will bring up the date, location, venue and notes related to the item.

Find out results from matches

From homepage scroll down. List of fixtures shown. At the top of this list under the heading you will see in light grey ‘Results’. You can toggle between fixtures and results.

Get back to the website homepage

Click on the CTBC logo top left of each page.

See which games I’m playing in

My Player > My Selections > list games by date and shows if you’re available.

Which teams do I play for?

My Player > My Teams. Shows which you play for, which you manage or are captain for.

Who is playing in a team for an upcoming match?

If selection has taken place you can see the team by clicking on the match in the Club Calendar.

Find contact details for other members

My Player > Membership contacts and forms > Member contacts – opens in an excel spreadsheet.

Make a rink booking

From website home page > Red button ‘Book a Rink: Rink Diary’

My Player > Rink booking > click on link to take you to the rink booking site (CTBC Rink Diary).

View club documents such as management committee minutes, bye-laws, AGM/SGM information and membership forms

My Player > Documents page

Forgotten my password

Type in your username. Click on ‘Lost my password’. Got to your emails. You will receive an email from ClubBuzz which has a link on it to reset your password. Click the link. You will get a screen with set and confirm password. There will be a default password included in light grey. Delete this and include your own password choice. Confirm the password. You should now be able to log in.
The password needs to be 12 characters long and includes upper case, lower case, number and symbol.


Add a Match

Admin > Club > Matches > Create match > Select team from drop down box, add opponent, date, time, home/away, venue, competition (i.e. league), add notes > Submit. It will appear on the club calendar automatically.

Edit a Match

Admin > Club > Matches > Filter dates to select match/Can filter by Team too > Filter > List of matches will appear. Click Manage under Edit column. Can edit Team, Opponent, Date, Time, Home/Away, Venue, Competition and add Notes. Can also manage Team result and Team selection.

Delete a Match

Select match using above instructions > Scroll to bottom grey ‘Delete’ box. There will be a dialogue box to confirm. Can export a list to Excel. Admin > Club > Matches > Filter > Click CSV box to bring up matches in Excel. Can ‘Manage matches’ here.

Add a member to a team

Admin > Club > Teams > Choose team > Assign > ”Select a player’ drop down list or you can type name to select > Click on chosen player > Can select position or leave on ‘Select’ to bring up blank.

Remove a player from a team

Admin > Club > Teams > scroll to find team > Assign > ‘Assign members to teams’ > scroll down to see players currently showing for this team > find player to deselect and select ‘Delete entry’, Dialogue box to xheck the action.

Select players for a match

Admin > Club > Matches > Filter by date and team > Filter > Select match > Manage > add notes > add players using bulk selection which shows which are available, Can also add players individually. > Update > Send selection notification or Send selection reminders.

Add a club event

Admin > Club > Events >New Event > Complete Event name, date, time, description, venue > Submit. Event will automatically appear in the club calendar.

Admin > Club > Events. Events appear as a list and details seen using ‘View’ or can be managed by using Edit or Delete.

Send an email

Admin > Communicate > click on Email > click on New Email > complete Subject and Body with the information > if you want replies to you include your address in Reply address > Next > Add recipients either separately by ticking the box next to their name or click Toggle All > click Add to add recipients > recipients will appear in new panel > Next > Proceed > Submit

Send an email with an attachment

Admin > Communicate > click on New Email > complete Subject and then Body information. To add a file select Add Media (box above the Body panel) then Upload Files > Select Files to choose from your computer/file source and click Open to attach. Your uploaded file will appear with a tick against it in the media library. Click Choose Media in the right hand panel > if you want replies to you include your email address > Next > Add recipients either separately by ticking the box next to their name or click Toggle All > click Add to add recipients > recipients will appear in new panel > Next > you will see the email and the list of recipients > Proceed > Submit

Upload a file or photo

My Player > Competitions (for example) > Edit Page > Place cursor where you want to add the file/picture etc. > Navigate to the grey toolbar > Add Media icon (camera and music note) > Upload files > select files to be added > Open to add to the media library > the file(s) will be blue ticked > click Insert into page button > click Update button. You will be given the opportunity to view the updated page if you wish to check your changes.