Sugestions / Comments

Chippenham Town Bowls club is committed to ensuring it continues to develop a Bowls club that meets the needs of its members both now and in the future. As a Committee, we have two elected Member Representatives who have developed the attached suggestions/comments form for use by all members. As your Representatives they’re eager to hear from anyone who has a suggestion to make. They would encourage anyone to take this opportunity to give us your feedback, both good and bad, so that they can ensure your voices are heard. This approach will help the club be more responsive to member requirements and in a more timely manner. Please feel free to use this form when and as often as you wish and thank you in advance for your contribution.

Suggestions / Comments Form

Are you a NEW Member and bowler? Click the attachment to see the leaflet What Next 2019 

Here are the answers to all the questions you’ve been wanting to know the answers to but weren’t sure who to ask! 


At all times, flat soled ‘bowling shoes’ should be worn to protect the playing surface from damage

  • League Matches – Club shirt and grey trousers/skirt or Bowls England approved shorts (unless otherwise stated)
  • Friendly Matches – Club shirt and white trousers/skirt/Bowls England approved shorts
  • Club Competitions – Club shirt and grey trousers/skirt/Bowls England approved shorts
  • Club Competitions Finals Weekend – Club shirt and white trousers/skirt/Bowls England approved shorts
  • National/County Competitons – Club shirt and grey trousers/skirt/Bowls England approved shorts
  • National/County Competitions Finals – Club shirt and white trousers/skirt/Bowls England approved shorts
  • Captains Days – Club shirt and white trousers/skirt/Bowls England approved shorts (unless otherwise stated)

*Please note that for friendlies and other matches where ‘whites’ are worn it’s common practice (although not essential) to wear your grey’s to the venue and to change into your whites for playing, before changing back again for the meal or refreshments afterwards. Historically, blazers and ties were worn before and after a game. Although this practice is slowly ebbing away it can still be seen by those preferring this etiquette but certainly not widespread. Touring teams seem to still practice this however.



  1. It’s customary for each rink’s ‘Skip’ to be in charge of collecting Match Fees. At home there is a ‘tub’ with a rink number on your table after the game for you to place your fee into. 
  2. After each match there’s often some form of social gathering, usually sat at tables in the ‘rinks’ you played on, which provides a chance to chat about the game and anything else! Food is often provided within the match fee. There is inevitably a raffle which for home games usually costs 50p per strip. Most people buy 2 strips for £1 but this is not obligatory. Prizes are donated by kind members for friendlies and the club for league games and any money raised goes straight to the club. 
  3. It’s also ‘good form’ for each Home team player to offer to buy your opposite number (rink opponent) a drink during or after the game. If your opposite number is thirsty, they’ll often offer to buy you one back so it’s good practice to do the same if you’re playing away! 
  4. Away matches are travelled to and from in cars, usually setting off from the clubhouse and driven by ‘designated’ drivers. Mileage costs are paid to drivers willing to transport others to a match. Some players find it easier to reach the venue by themselves but they must let the team Captain know beforehand to avoid confusion. 
  5. It is hoped that all Members make themselves available to play in at least a handful of friendly matches per season. This ensures teams of a good standard and variety can be fielded and it helps new bowlers develop and hone their skills playing with team members of all abilities. In turn, this reflects well on the club and helps to ensure the future development of all players.
  6. The club is run by unpaid volunteers, it’s expected that with the myriad of jobs needing to be done throughout a successful season that Members volunteer to help out at some time. Whatever your skills are, there are always things to be done to assist, please just ask any Committee Member and they’ll point you in the right direction.