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Club Competitions 2024

The draws are:

2024 CTBC-Draw-Ladies-2-Wood

2024 CTBC-Draw-Ladies-Championship

2024 CTBC-Draw-Ladies-Handicap

2024 CTBC-Draw-Ladies-Novice

2024 CTBC-Draw-Ladies-Pairs

2024 CTBC-Draw-Mens-2- Wood

2024 CTBC-Draw-Mens-Championship

2024 CTBC-Draw-Mens-Handicap

2024 CTBC-Draw-Mens-Novice

2024 CTBC-Draw-Mens-Pairs

2024 CTBC-Draw-Mens-Veterans

2024 CTBC-Draw-Mixed-Pairs

2024 CTBC-Draw-Open-51Up

2024 CTBC-Draw-Open-Aussie-Pairs

The entry form can be found through the link below.


BL9_ Nov 2023 Club Competition Rules

This form can also be found in the My Player>Membership contacts and forms section of the website.

Men’s County Competitions 2024

02 Men’s County Competiton Entry Form

03 Copy of Calendar for Competitive Events 2024 – External Version v4

02 Men’s National Championship Dates v5

Men’s National Entry Form01 Mens County Competition Dates

Bowls Wiltshire Men’s & Mixed Fixture List 2024

BWM County Friendlies 2024 v2

03 BW Mixed Availablity 2024

Full fixture list Fixtures 2024


Club Finals 2023

FINAL – Roll of Honours 2023

Club Finals 2022

FINAL – Roll of Honours 2022

Latest results/draws:

CTBC Draw Mens 2 Wood
CTBC Draw Mens Championship
CTBC Draw Mens Handicap
CTBC Draw Mens Novice
CTBC Draw Mens Pairs
CTBC Draw Mens Veterans
CTBC Draw Mixed 51 Up
CTBC Draw Mixed Pairs

The competition draws for the Club Competitions are:


CTBC Draw Mens 2 Wood  – CTBC Draw Mens Championship  – CTBC Draw Mens Handicap  – CTBC Draw Mens Novice  – CTBC Draw Mens Pairs – CTBC Draw Mens Veterans


CTBC Draw Ladies 2 Wood – CTBC Draw Ladies Championship – CTBC Draw Ladies Handicap – CTBC Draw Ladies Novice – CTBC Draw Ladies Pairs


CTBC Draw Mixed 51 Up and CTBC Draw Mixed Pairs

The entry form for the 2022 CTBC Club competitions can be found by clicking on the link below. Please follow the instructions on the form for returning to the competition organisers. Steve Provis email is: [email protected].


A list of the club competitions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Bowls England National Finals 2022 Schedule starting 25 August – 18 September 2022.

Summary of events BENF-22-Schedule-FINAL-v.3

We have several Club Competitions in different formats so here’s a quick guide as to what they are and how they operate, which should help you decide what to enter.

  • “Championship” – This is a singles, open competition meaning any member can enter. There is one competiton for men and one for ladies. The winner of each match is the first to score 21 points. Winning the final will crown you Club Champion!
  • “Handicap” – Another singles competiton but where a less experienced/lower ranked bowler will start the game with a positive points score (handicap). The maximum number of shots any bowler can receive is 11 and the lowest is 0. If two bowlers meet in the draw and both have a handicap, the difference is used as the number of shots the lesser experienced/ranked bowler will start the game with. The winner is the first to score 21 points.
  • “2-Wood Singles” – A singles tournament that’s played with only 2 woods instead of the usual 4. The winner is the highest scorer after 21 ends.
  • “Pairs” – The higher ranking/experienced bowlers in the club are placed into one ‘hat’ and lesser experienced/ranked bowlers in another. Pairs are then drawn with one player being taken from each hat to form a team of two. That team will then play together for the entire competition. Each match is 21 ends long.
  • “Veterans” – A singles competiton only available to entrants over the age of 60 on the 1st May 2019. The winner is the first to score 21.
  • “Novice Singles” – Entrants can only be members who have not won a previous singles club competition before and who do not have a County Badge. The winner is the first to score 21 points.
  • “Mixed ‘Invitation’ Pairs” – A mixed pairs competition where a lady member ‘invites’ a male member to play with them in the competition. This format is a 21 end game.
  • “Singles 51-Up” – A singles competiton where the scoring is given as 3 points to nearest the jack, 2 points for second closest and 1 point for 3rd. The winner of the match scores 51 points first.  If both players reach 51 points on the last end, the winner is deemed to be the player with shot bowl.

Dave Williams is general CTBC/Mens Fixture Secretary and Viv Baskerville is Ladies Fixture Secretary.